How long is the relicensing process for a hydro project?  

The timeline for the relicensing process is approximately 5 years. The final application must be filed two years before the current license expires.


When will the license for Lewiston Falls expire?  

The license expires on August 31, 2026.


What kind of hydro project is Lewiston Falls? 

Generation at the Lewiston Falls Project is coordinated with Brookfield’s Gulf Island-Deer Rips Project located approximately five miles upstream of the Project. The Project impoundment has no appreciable useable storage capacity. Therefore, the Project is normally operated as run of river with impoundment fluctuations of one foot or less, on a daily basis. However, the Project is licensed to operate with up to four feet of impoundment fluctuation (between 168.17 feet mean sea level (msl) and 164.17 feet msl) to allow for adjustments between inflow and minimum flow requirements, or in response to operating emergencies, as may be needed.


What is the Project Boundary and how is it defined?  

The project boundary includes lands and waters needed for project purposes.  FERC determines which lands and waters will be needed for an applicant or licensee to construct and operate its project and to carry out other project purposes, such as recreation or wildlife protection.  Typically, project features such as the dam, reservoir, powerhouse, tailrace, conduits and penstocks, access roads, and primary transmission lines are included within project boundaries.  There are no plans or proposals to modify the project boundary as established in the current license.


How can I learn more information about the relicensing process?

FERC.gov offers comprehensive resources for stakeholders. FERC also offers an educational guide on the relicensing process.